Although Oscar Wilde once claimed that “hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing to do”, many people these days are striking out on their own, creating and running their own businesses. Whether or not it’s setting up that dream café by the beach, starting a tour group to show off the undiscovered sights of your home town, or even creating the next Weta Workshop in your garage, there’s plenty of support out there for people trying to make it on their own.

If this sounds like you, the best place to start for ideas and information is probably here: They have tools and resources about how to start your own business, create action plans, and how to navigate the legal and economic entanglements. You can also try our very own Victoria Entrepreneurship Club – check out their listing here, or drop them an email for support and ideas:

While history can offer us a number of examples of famous people who have made it big in small business, fiction offers a far more varied array of candidates. To see if you have what it takes, try and compare your ideas with some of these…


The Once-ler

Seller of Thneeds.

One man. One Truffula Tree. Poor environmental sustainability practices.


Willy Wonka

The classic example of how to make your passion your job. Although his hiring practices are a little suspect, he still manages to turn an even profit – and certainly seems to have spare time on his hands to take jaunts in his Great Glass Elevator.


Sherlock Holmes

Official Consulting Detective

While his brother Mycroft may also deserve a mention, a place needs to go to the world’s first ever official consulting detective. Although we don’t know what his fee is, we do know that he never alters it – unless it is to waive it altogether.

How does your idea measure up?

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