Following on from my colleague’s blog on the World Cup office sweepstakes, I began to think about what we could learn from this World cup. I’ve been following many games sitting at the edge of my seat, nail biting in earnest. Yes, Portugal was my love, but suffering a hammering by Germany in the first game meant they faced a very tough road ahead.

How many times have we experienced failure, dejection, and lack of confidence? How many times have we been knocked back? How did we let those experiences affect us?

The football players never gave up, even when winning seemed but an impossible dream. Passion, determination, teamwork, perseverance and resilience were key drivers to their performance. Their job was to play a good game and they gave it all they had.

The determination to get things done, make things happen and constantly look for better ways of doing things is something employers are always looking for when recruiting graduates. And since no person works in isolation, the ability to work well in a team is critical to success.

So remember these players next time you hit a rough patch. Get up, dust yourself off, round up your teammates, learn from your mistakes and keep striving to do your very best. Being able to talk about how you have overcome obstacles and persevered to achieve your objectives will stand you in good stead for your next interview.

Oh yes….and even when things are not looking good, that unexpected goal can materialise in the last 30 seconds! (Portugal/USA)

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