In the Vic Careers office we speak to students and graduates on a daily basis who are feeling a little bit lost – either in their study or job decisions or in their job applications. Questions such as: What subjects should I study? What jobs can I do with my degree? What companies can I work for? How do I write a CV/cover letter? will frequently come up.

We like to speak with as many students as possible who have these queries but in order to provide the best possible advice it really helps if people have already started to explore their options.

It can be confusing knowing where to do this so below are some of our favourite resources we frequently refer our students and graduates to.

Career Exploration and Occupational Awareness

Career Viewgives you an excellent overview of a wide range of subjects, what skills you can expect to develop, where graduates might find work and several profiles of recent graduates.

Career Quest – a tool that recommends jobs based on your interests.

My Next Move – an American site very similar to Career Quest. Useful for comparison.

Skill Matcher – helps you to generate job ideas based on the skills you enjoy using or are interested in learning.

CareerHub – not everyone knows that it can be used for exploring expired job opportunities. Do a key word search and tick the ‘include expired jobs’ box. It’s a great way to see what employers come up and if they recruit at a certain time of the year. It’s also useful for exploring job descriptions.

Jobs Database – for each of the hundreds of jobs listed, you’ll see a job description, summary of the qualifications or training required, profiles of people doing the job and the job market outlook.  You can also look up jobs in specific industry areas.

Graduate Employment Destinations – explore the employment destinations of graduates who complete the annual Graduate Destinations Survey. Employment outcomes for graduates are broken down by major subject area and level of qualification.

Career Player and iCould – Two UK sites that have a fantastic range of career videos to give you some real life examples of a range of careers.


Job Application Preparation

Vic Careers website – a great place to find help on looking for work, CV preparation, interview tips, preparing for psychometric tests and assessment centres and more.

Don’t forget to use this blog! It’s a gold mine of advice and resources. Make use of the ‘Search’ box on the top right hand side of this page to do a key word search on whatever help you are looking for.

Now that you’ve done some exploration the next step is to come and see a career consultant to discuss your thoughts and ideas and attend any relevant workshops or seminars

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