Do you know that small to medium size businesses make up approximately 92% of New Zealand’s businesses. Last month, I attended the EPIC NZ Wellington conference, where inspiring speakers from Wellington’s small and medium sized enterprise, shared their stories of success and failure, and gave practical advice to think big at home and off shore. It was a great opportunity for participants to gain connection to collaborate with the business community, also to share knowledge on growing a business at home or abroad – friends, networks, social contacts and connections can make all the difference. Such businesses in Wellington include high-value manufacturing and services, ICT and digital. Find out more at:

In this week’s Dom Post, ‘A leg-up for young start-ups’: A new start-up business accelerator programme for aspiring young entrepreneurs and innovators by Venture Up (run by Young Enterprise Trust and Wellington’s Lightning Lab), to support young graduate start-ups to having real prospects for growth. Maybe the dream job you haven’t yet considered, is yet to be discovered. More on this at

Just launched on campus, by the Victoria Entrepreneurship Club (VEC) is this year competition for ‘The Take off Challenge’. ‘Do you have a lightbulb idea that can benefit the world?’ This would be your great opportunity to explore your creative talent, potential and have heaps of fun. VEC invites you to enter your ideas now. Further details at:

Finally, for more on this topic of ‘How to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Business’. Don’t want to sound negative but this comment is valid – “ Like it or not, the odds in business are at some point you’re going to fail. Whether large or small, failure is a natural part of business life. But thanks to a mash-up of several new business methodologies, your failure may actually be a good thing”:

Good luck!

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