It’s official: the best job you can have in New Zealand is selling shoes.

At least, that’s what the IBM Kenexa survey for 2013 reports. Nearly 200 New Zealand businesses ask their employees to complete the survey every year, in order to determine which company New Zealanders most enjoy working for. Employers compete for a place in one of six categories, and, of course, there is an overall winner. For two years running, this has been shoe retailer Overland Footwear. The company itself is happy with its success, claiming that: “As part of our commitment to fostering our unique culture, taking part in this annual survey is our way of ensuring that our teams are feeling valued and appreciated for everything that they do and our commitment is to continue to provide them an experience that surpasses their expectations!”

While being interesting in its own merits, the IBM Kenexa survey does give potential employees something else to think about – how much does employee happiness matter to an employer? If this survey is anything to go by, quite a lot. While many people are considering how to get that high-end job to achieve their dreams of heart-shaped swimming pools, these companies are the ones whose employees are most happy to work for them. Having a good career isn’t necessarily about how much money you earn, but also about how happy and healthy your working environment is, and how content you are in your placing there. With that in mind, you can review the results of the past surveys here – the results may surprise you:

So, how did your dream workplace fare? Or, if you’re like me, (and your dream workplace doesn’t actually exist in real life), you might be more interested in these results here, where the top fictional companies are voted for based on which firm “would have the coolest bosses, the most laid-back environments, and the most rewarding mission statements”. Again, the results may be a little surprising…

Did your favourite make the list?

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