Can you do 30 days of…

…morning run/walk; no takeaways; healthy eating (no junk food/fast food); brain training (crosswords, soduku, quizzes etc); strict budget; no social media (oh no!)… ?
Whatever it is, 30 days is all it takes – to break or add a habit! Give that a go!
Try something new for 30 days >>

All you have to say is… challenge ACCEPTED!

Motivating For Positive Change

Do a 30 day challenge

What is a 30 day challenge?

This is a challenge that is becoming very popular in the cyberspace world. In reality, it’s just a fancy way of saying: Try it for a month.

I was reading that there is a 30 day challenge of yoga everyday, 30 day challenge of being happy, 30 day challenge at sending cards, 30 day challenge of meditating, 30 days of working out, etc ,etc!

Every one of these challenges is designed to strengthen your determination and willpower. These are put out there to see if you can do it, to make yourself challenge yourself. Whenever you challenge yourself, you grow as a person. Your acceptance of the world itself grows,and you can become a better nicer person who knows themselves better for doing the challenge.

Another idea is to challenge yourself! Come up with a 30 day challenge for…

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