If you’re looking for part-time work in our wonderful capital city but lack the practical skills and experience employers ask for, don’t give up.

I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes watching YouTube videos to find some of the thousands of free resources that are available to you if you need to learn about a topic or develop a new skill. It’s definitely possible to pick up new knowledge and skills that will place you in a stronger position to find work.

In 15 minutes on YouTube I learned how a commercial coffee making machine works and the principles of ‘coffee art’. If I watched the tutorials a few more times, I could probably do a reasonable job of applying for a jobs in hospitality, and could impress an experienced barista with the effort I have made to understand the techniques and vocabulary of their trade, even if I have a long way to go before I can make a good quality, well-presented latte at a reasonable speed.

In another 15 minutes on YouTube, I found similar tutorials that would help in the preparations for office-based work. In addition to numerous tutorials for keyboard skills and Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, I also found tutorials on business phone etiquette, how to process customer bookings by phone and how to deal with an angry customer.

Initiative and self-education will make you a more attractive proposition for many employers and they may be willing to give you a chance to prove yourself. Show them that you have a can-do attitude and some relevant knowledge, even if you lack experience.

Maybe a few hours spent watching educational videos on YouTube will help get you on the right track. So no excuses. Inexperienced needn’t mean uninformed.

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