Consider the cliche:  recipe for success.

I’ve been cooking for a very long time.  I first learned by using a recipe, then I used the recipe as a guide while I tried substitutions: spices, quantities, things I didn’t have or to make lower fat versions (or higher fat, depending on my mood).

Now when I write out recipes I put myself into it — e.g. I do it this way… this doesn’t work so use…  Over time I’ve found there is room for change in any recipe. It takes knowing your preference, thinking, then risk (uh-oh, that sounds like a recipe).

I think the same of Recipes for Success.
Who’s recipe is it?
Who’s success is it?
Does everyone want the same success?
What substitutions would make it more individual?

Just like soup.  Standard pumpkin isn’t to everyone’s taste, some like it spicy.

A recipe for success.  What does your success look like?

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