Could you do with a few extra dollars each month? You’re a student right? So I’m guessing yeah, you probably could!

Have you heard of the term “passive income” before? If not, a passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it – from wikipedia.

Sounds good hey? It is, and if you’re currently studying, have an interest, or already possess the skills in any of the subjects/interest areas listed below, you could be earning while learning as well as developing your own portfolio of work that could aid you in landing the dream job you’re after.

  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • 3d modelling
  • Icon design
  • Branding
  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile, web and desktop applications
  • Product design
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Photography

You can potentially earn money creating and selling goods in any of these areas and more on Now obviously it’s not the only stock marketplace or website of it’s kind, there’s a load out there (,, to name a few), but it’s one of the newest ones and in my opinion one of the best. For buyers: the site looks great, it works well, search results are relevant for what buyers are looking for and the overall item quality is very high with good value for money. For sellers: you can sell whatever you want (within reason), there’s no approval process for your products, you set your own prices, and for every sale right from the word go you’ll receive 70% of the sale price! See for yourself.

The only real downsides to earning a passive income is that all of your work is completed upfront before you earn a penny with no guarantee that you’ll actually earn anything. But that’s it really, it’s low risk. For example, say you’re currently preparing your CV for a role at a creative studio. You’ll want to make something nice and unique that makes you stand out from the crowd, sells yourself and showcases your creative talent. Well once you’ve done that and you’re happy it’s as good as it can be, simply reverse engineer a copy of the document into a templated format, create some variations of layout or colour etc. Then package it all up (zipped up with organised folders and clear names) together with any other supporting documents and any brief user instructions. Upload to the site along with some marketing assets to promote your item, enter your title and description and you’re done. That’s the beauty of it, now that your item is up, technically you don’t have to deal with it again, and it has the potential to earn you money for as long as it exists!

Click here to view the résumé templates section on Creative Market.

So once you’re all signed up (it’s free to register), you’ve got your shop (you may need to show examples of your work) and are ready to sell, just start creating… and think every time you open photoshop or illustrator to play around, learn some new code that could be put to use, write your own javascript plug-in or take another great photo, instead of that being the end of it, why not develop it further and turn it into a product that you can earn a few bucks from. Also, most if not all stock sites will have item quality and submission guidelines to help you through the process and most have friendly communities and forums where you can ask questions and get advice, you can even ask for feedback to improve your items if you wish. Give it a go!

One last thing, while this post is obviously aimed at those with computer skills, there are similar sites and options for selling almost anything. You can sell tutorials on how to do just about anything, you can flog your own hand-made crafts on etsy, sell music loops and tracks on, write blog posts for cash and more. All while learning new things (new techniques, styles, current trends, new technologies) and building a body of work from it.

Have fun.

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