17 October, 2014

Let your mind alone


James Thurbur said it (The New Yorker, 3 April, 1973), you may feel it, and people who study our brains and our behaviour know it.  We need to ease up.  In our rush for innovative performance, we’re going about it all wrong.

I touched on it about sleep at work in my June blog when I said, ‘Do we get enough of the right kind of rest?  Uninterrupted, battery-charging rest?’.  Belinda Lau’s blog, Are you looking after your wellbeing? touches on a facet of it.

You all thought I was kidding about sleeping at work, but there’s proof.  And not only sleeping at work, there’s many more things we should be doing at work.  For instance:

Do you play enough?

Yes, play.  At work?

One component of a healthy brain is to play.  Have a look at this article, The Healthy Mind Platter, to read more about the neuroscience of our brains and how we work (it also mentions sleep).

Source:  The Healthy Mind Platter. The Neuro Leadership journal, issue four.
David Rock, Daniel J. Siegal, Steven A. Y. Poelmans and Jassica Payne.  October 2012.

It’s a busy time of the year and we’re telling the students not to stress out but are we giving ourselves any breathing space?  At Vic Careers the staff are gearing up for Halloween with a little colouring-in when we get the chance.  Can anyone tell me about the research into how good colouring-in is for adults?

What’s to come of all this?

I can’t tell you how all this will turn out, all I know is there are more than a few keen artists preparing scary pictures for us to decorate the office wall on Halloween (All Hallows Eve, 31 October).  Watch this space for our artwork.

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