Careers Blog reflection comes easily when sitting in the chair at the hairdresser. I am there for a long time you see. As a female who has blonde highlights it takes blooming ages so you have time to think or gain blogging inspiration from the magazines (you girls out there in the same boat will know what I mean!).
Anyway, my thoughts turned to all the people in the salon – what were the different careers these clients were in and how could I tell from just observing their appearance and specifically their hair? Well, of course, I couldn’t but I could see their new look as they walked confidently out of the shop and started to surmise. Perhaps the dark-haired guy with a sweeping fringe was in IT or worked in the film industry; maybe the lady with a perfect bob was heading up Board discussions or the man with a salt and pepper greying crew cut could be doing environmental work. Who knows, but it got me thinking about appearances and how vital is hair to career success? According to this survey of more than 2,000 adults (men and women), 82 percent believe getting a haircut before the big job interview is important. The research also gives tips for men, on hairstyles that supposedly get you hired and paid well.

Hair is only a part of it. A tip for women who might be worried that their good looks will set them back at interview can be seen in this recent research. It shows that if you acknowledge your good looks then it can help overcome stereotypes in job interviews. The article which examines that research also suggests that the old shampoo ad from Pantene “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” may not be be a bad motto! Guys, if you are looking for hair ideas here are the 30 most iconic styles to date.

Other research back in 2012 looks at the power of correctly applying make-up to appear more professional or trustworthy. You do have to feel comfortable with your hair and appearance when you go for interview and that will probably give you some confidence but there is nothing like being prepared for the questions you will be asked, so use your time carfeully while you are waiting in the chair at the salon!  Discalimer: for further ideas on what style to choose before asking for a promotion or going for a job interview, check with your hairdresser!

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