30 October, 2014

A Halloween thought

What’s scarier than the idea of a vengeful and evil spirit making you a personal visit on Halloween? Worse than seeing the dead walk?

Technology. It’s a journey into the future, into the unknown. Most of us feel apprehensive about the challenges ahead as we struggle to understand and manage our complex world, where technological change and frequent technological disruption and schism, make an already unpredictable future…well…scary.

The truth is that whether you are living in a tent in the Sahara, a penthouse in Manhattan or a student flat in Wellington, technological advances are part of our landscape and like an ice-berg, what you see and experience of technology, is only the tip of a colossus. Technology is a gift and an opportunity surely…so why do I instantly think of the Trojan Horse and Pandora’s Box?

Maybe it’s because it’s Halloween when we…OK I…ponder life and death …and the bit in-between where, if we are very unlucky, we may become the bump in the night or the vaporous shade scaring the living. But as we know from ‘Ghostbusters’, technology already has the answer and the future for spirits is looking…future-less. Could technology truly be about to bring an end to hundreds of years of Halloween? The brains at MIT celebrate technological achievements annually and while I didn’t see Ghostbusters’ hi-tech spirit-trapper celebrated there you can follow this link to see their ‘pick’ of the best that technology brought us in 2013. What would your picks be for 2014?


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