31 October, 2014

Zumba anyone?

As I was walking to my Zumba class earlier in the week, the thought came to me that the job of a Zumba instructor barely existed 5 years ago! Hard to believe, when Zumba is so common now. The thought, however, led me to think about what other job titles exist now that really weren’t around in recent years. I turned to my friend ‘google’ to check it out. As one might suspect, most of the jobs are quite technically oriented. Analytics and managing huge amounts of data, for example, are becoming increasingly sought after skills.

So what are the top 10 hot jobs titles? Have a look at this interesting infographic put together by LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

So what about the future? What new job titles will appear within the next five years? According to the LinkedIn research, some of the job titles listed above aren’t entirely new jobs, but rather a combination of pre-existing skills, or simply job titles that have undergone a little bit of “rebranding” in the past few years. Odds are good that the next hot job titles will follow a similar path so make sure you keep this in mind when planning for your future career options!

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