28 November, 2014

Networking for Introverts

It’s that time of year when students are looking for summer work and new graduates are looking for graduate roles. As a result, there’s been quite a bit of time spent on discussing networking tips. This is because, in the job search process, there is one thing that hasn’t changed at all over the years – the majority of jobs are still found through word-of-mouth; from friends, family, colleagues, previous employers, work mates, lecturers, even people you may have randomly met at a bus stop!

So, no matter how you look at it, networking is critical to your job search. This comes easy to some and hard to others – it can be particularly difficult for introverts. So what can you do to make networking less stressful?

You may not believe this, but networking can actually be enjoyable. Before you become dismissive and think this can’t possibly be true, read on…..

You’ll be glad to hear that networking doesn’t always have to take place in large, noisy, bustling environments. It can happen in smaller groups where people will be discussing particular issues of interest. The event tends to be more focused and manageable, giving time for meaningful conversations. Networking can happen electronically via LinkedIn, blogs, or twitter accounts. It can also happen on a one-to-one basis where you may been referred to someone by a mutual colleague or friend. You can choose which type of networking activity is most comfortable for you. By choosing your preferred networking method, you will be performing at your best within an environment that works for you.

I recommend these two sites for tips on networking for introverts:

The latter site refers to a great TED talk by Susan Cain on “The Power of Introverts.”  Susan argues in this passionate talk that introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

Introverts CAN network! Find your dream job by choosing a networking technique that works for you.

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