I’ve just noted that in 3 weeks’ time it will be Christmas Day. In 4 weeks’ time it will be 2015. EEK! Where has the year gone? I’ve got to thinking about wishes this past week (because it’s December, it’s Christmas) and have realised I’m pretty happy with what I have. If I could just win lotto though my life would be complete…I wish! Wishes are tricky though as they often come with a catch, and when we come to a careers wish (this is a careers blog after all), the catch is you have to put in some hard work to make it happen.

If you could have a Christmas careers wish come true, what would it be? An interview? A new job offer? A salary rise?! In Ida’s blog she comments that it’s easy to be lazy at this time of year and I know it’s very easy to procrastinate but the slower (usually) pace of life over the holiday break can be great for getting something done to help that wish come true. Or, if you’re super crazy busy, use your wish as an excuse for stepping back, even for an hour. Pick a goal, no matter how small, and vow to work on it over this holiday period to get your wish becoming a reality. Even if you don’t have a particular wish the holidays can still be a great time to work on something productive like updating your CV, ringing a particular employer, applying for a job, booking an appointment to see a career counsellor, creating a LinkedIn account – these are all great things to aspire to do.

For myself I have vowed to do something about my LinkedIn account. I now have a photo but it still needs work!

The Vic Careers team is here until Friday 19th December then we will be back again on Monday 5th January 2015. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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