4 December, 2014


Work or blog, what shall I do?

Work: workshops, students, reports, resources vs. Blog:  a blog about playing at work

Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see…”Articulate your skills, identify your graduate attributes, start your ePortfolio…” or
“How good for you is playing while at work ?”

I’m faced with a dilemma. The clock has moved around to my time to blog but I’m loaded with work. My stapler has quit working properly just at the moment when I have double page printouts for new workshops, I’m reading an interesting article about neuroscience and wellbeing that links nicely with my previous blogs, and we’ve had fun at Careers lately with those who have colouring-in fetishes and those Little-Shop collectors in our midst who are willing to bargain for a cookbook or a demi-faux can of peaches. I want to write about fun, but ePortfolios are coming in left and right.

How to decide?

Ding! Outlook beckons: stats due. Work wins.

This is my blog.

P.S. Here’s a different version of the Urgent/Important matrix which is based on the Eisenhower decision principle that attracted you to this blog.


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