newspaper-jobsWhen is a good time to think about what job you will do after graduation? Well Careers Advisors would suggest before and during your University degree to ensure you are prepared, rather than at the end or after!

How many times have you been asked by family or friends what you intend to do on graduation or where you think your subject might lead? Do people also presume what you might want to do when you haven’t even thought about it yet!

Don’t leave it to others to surmise, assume or predict what you are going to do – get informed and get thinking as early as possible. You can explore, investigate and question and it’s ok to change your mind along the way. Most of the time we are unsure of our career direction because we are not clear where our strengths lie, what employers want or how our skills and knowledge could be used in the workplace. We are perhaps also not aware of current employment trends or what kind of organisations exist or what their business does. Being uncertain about what job you will have doesn’t mean the outcome will be bad, but not doing any research or preparation puts you on the back foot. If you can develop your employability skills while studying this will not only help you decide what to do but will get you ready to apply when the time comes.

So, there is no time like the present and the end of one year and start of the next is always a good time to get organised. Plan how you are going to get prepared for a graduate job. Below are a few ideas:

– Attend career and skill development workshops as well as employer presentations (book on CareerHub)
Book to see a Careers Consultant
– Join the Victoria Plus Programme if you want to be involved in volunteering and leadership roles. Give back to your community and gain skills that will impress employers
– Join VILP If you’re interested in other countries and cultures, and keen to kick start an internationally focused career
– Doing at BA? – look at the credit-bearing BA internship programme
– Research employers you think would be interesting to work for – what is their culture like? What kinds of vacancies do they advertise?
– Check out the graduate recruitment schedule – this links to employers who have structured programmes for certain disciplines
– Be clear how to search for internships, volunteer, part-time and graduate jobs both on CareerHub and other sites.

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