christmas-treeAnd so this is Christmas…what have you done? John Lennon asks this question in his iconic and much loved Christmas song.

You may be entranced by the Christmas season, offended by it or both. You may associate the season with joy or distress or both. And of course there are millions on this planet for whom this season of celebration and bounty for us, brings no respite, for them, from fear, hunger, war or death. But however complex our thoughts and feelings about the season, the end of the year, however we choose to mark it, provides a time for reflection.  Isn’t that the power of an ending that it also signals the opportunity for a beginning? Take the time to look back at 2014. If you are able to see how far you have travelled, and how you negotiated the terrain you encountered, you will be better equipped for the journey ahead.

And so this is Christmas…what have you done in 2014? What are your proudest moments (work, study, family, leisure)? Who have you cared about?  Who and what has influenced you most? How have you affected those around you… family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances and strangers?  What have you learned about yourself? What would you do differently? Are you happy with your present self? If you want to change, what would your ‘future self’ look like?

And so this is Christmas…what will you do in 2015?

The following link takes you to the UK Telegraphs Christmas Song Top 30. Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015.

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