12 January, 2015

New Year, New You!

I’ve purposefully chosen a title for this blog post that I imagine will be on many magazines covers this month. I understand why as the start of a new year is symbolic for new beginnings and does make many of us feel like we can start afresh. Having new year in the summer is even better as almost all of us feel more motivated and positive in the summer months. Anything can happen! Whatever went wrong or failed last year will be sorted this year! All will be well!

As a result I know all sorts of resolutions and goals will be set, many promises will be made and several new gym memberships created. We do this for several reasons and it can be very easy to be influenced by those very magazine covers, our family and friends, celebrities etc. The thing is, I know several of these new goals and promises and gym memberships will have fallen by the wayside come February. Why? I’m not an expert but I feel we are often unrealistic in our goal setting, in our promises, and who wants to go to the gym 5 days a week anyway? We often make these decisions on holiday, when we’re relaxed and think ‘no big deal, I can totally do this’ but once deadlines and commitments and the everyday routines start up again it feels just a little bit harder. I speak from experience as I have frequently made unrealistic goals, often basing them on what others are saying or doing and then find I’m beating myself up for not sticking to them. I still like to have something to work towards though so this year I am simply going to make Plans. Plans, for some reason, sound and seem more manageable than resolutions or goals. They can be big or small – plan to see a movie, plan to buy a house – and they seem so much easier to change when life throws a curveball (which life so often does).

So, as we launch into 2015 what plans (or resolutions, goals and promises) will you make? If any? I do think a New You is possible (or at least, bits of a New You) but just make sure your plans are realistic and right for you, at any stage of the year. For any career related angst Victoria Careers and Employment are back up and running for 2015.

Victoria students and graduates feel free to book a time to talk: Careers and Employment website

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