Now that we are moving into February of the New Year, hopefully many of you had an enjoyable relaxing break and are starting off with a renewed optimism, energy and enthusiasm. Attitude is everything. Be confident in yourself and make things happen. Do it! A New Year resolution without commitment is worthless, despite the best intentions. You may have set goals to achieve results i.e. to quit smoking, drink less, get fit, join the gym, lose weight, help others, save money, or find a new job. Don’t just look at your list, it’s important to stay motivated, committed, gain confidence in yourself, apply the right attitude and hard work, your goals can be achievable.

In today’s digital world, you can keep resolutions on track with the help of exploring the use of apps and web tools. Digital tools can keep you motivated in achieving those New Year resolutions.

Learn useful good tips from Omar L. Gallaga in this article.

A fantastic website he recommends to view is the ‘Unstuck’ app as it can help you see and resolve situations with a fresh perspective through provocative questions, targeted tips, and action-orientated tools.

Omar emphasises that it’s most important not to get discouraged, and the need to stay positive. ‘Giving yourself a little reward at the end of each month or just brightening up your digital surroundings (say, your phone’s home screen background or the screen saver on your computer) can affect your mood in ways you might not expect.’

Sometimes we all need reminding that networks and relationships (both in a personal sense and business sense) are critical to become unstuck! Everyone has a network. The centre of your network is made up of people closest to you, your family, friends, and workmates. Others include neighbours, classmates, tutors, lawyers, doctors, community leaders, friends of friends and just about everyone else you come into contact with. Those of you who are returning to job searching, take time to review your career network and improve on your relationship building skills as networking is one of the most effective methods of finding a job.

Need help with assessing your networking skills, come to Careers and Employment for advice.

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