When I was at university I had a summer job cooking at a resort.  In fact, I was the second cook.  My degree wasn’t in the culinary arts – unless you include the snacks that fed my SWOTs – but I had a friend who had a friend, etc., whose father ran this summer resort around the other side of the lake.  I was discovered.  I made a baked Alaska one night and it seems the requisite for being second cook at the resort was being able to cook.  So I went from being a ramen eating student to preparing a nightly feast for 70+ people from menu to meal.  I had a walk-in fridge and freezer and got at least one free meal a day.  What a job, I thought.  But it was just for the summer.

Then I graduated, slipped into career mode and that experience by then had drifted into the ether.  What about that job was possibly relevant to my job at a TV station, which is what I was studying for?TSEliot

Had I known about transferable skills and been encouraged to think about it, I would have realised that, besides a lot of moxy, there was a lot more to that experience than met the eye.

We use reflective practice at Victoria Careers and Employment and can help you to see more from your experiences and your studies.  We know that sometimes others see more of you than you do, and we can help you to see through your own reflection.  We have appointments with the ePortfolio coordinator on CareerHub – come and see us … we’ll help you see you.

FYI:  Here’s a Wikipedia article on reflective practice.

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