All our experiences give us opportunities to improve and practice key skills which will help us with our future careers. OWEEK is no exception so here are five top tips for when and where you can practice important employability skills:

1. Planning – Make sure you understand what new students’ orientation is about – sort out which events you want and need to go to. Don’t miss out on important Faculty and Study preparation sessions. Being able to plan well will help you throughout your personal and professional life, contributing to how successful you will be at achieving your goals.

2. Awareness of your environment – Make sure you listen to advice from others such as Student Leaders/RAs/Campus Coaches about the campus, attending lectures, and all the support services you have free access to. Knowing the organisation well is critical to be able to integrate, get things done and helps you understand who to ask for help when you need it.

3. Being proactive – turn up to sessions on time and don’t just follow the crowd – make sure you have read all the information and choose things that suit your needs. All employers want proactive employees who are able to take initiative to drive forward their own areas of responsibility.

4. Decision making – if you are well informed you will make the right decisions. Decide how you are going to prepare yourself for study (timetable; learning support; devices and note-taking apps etc). Decide for yourself socially – do you go on to town after a party or band – think what you may have on the next day. Learning to call it, being able to make decisions by analysing the facts and thinking ahead helps in any workplace.

5. Making connections with others – This is a great time to meet new people, widen your circle of friends, gain different perspectives. It’s not always easy but start by saying Hi. You can always ask someone to do something, you don’t have to wait to be asked. How you get on with your peers and supervisors is findamental to the development of your career.

Oh, one more thing…It’s not really a skill but you can consciously take the attitude to have FUN! Enjoy your first year!

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