27 February, 2015

Tell me about yourself?

When someone you meet at a party wants to know about you, we often find a good story and try to tell it in a way they’ll enjoy hearing. We find it encourages people to connect with you and remember you, often becoming the start of a good friendship.

When a prospective employer asks you, “So tell me about yourself,” a lot of people stumble.

This is a frequent interview question. Employers need evidence that you can do the job. You say you can do something but how do they know this? To prove it to them, you need to give evidence. Telling stories about your experiences are the best way to illustrate your skills, attitude and potential abilities. They provide concrete examples and evidence of what you have done and how you have solved problems on the way.

As you see, telling stories about yourself takes practice and is an important skill to develop. A lot of it is trial and error and is an important step to selling yourself/marketing yourself through the job search process. Practice with telling your stories to a friend and get feedback.

Interview tip – don’t just give answers, tell them a story:

Our Career Essentials resources on Interview Questions also include this guideline:
“Tell us about yourself”
If this is asked at the beginning of the interview, give a quick run down of your qualifications and experience to date, then ask whether the interviewer(s) would like you to expand. If the question is asked towards the end of the interview and you have already talked a lot about yourself, then this is an opportunity for you to elaborate on any positive points and put across any messages you have not had the chance to give so far

Check out a selection of video clips on – “Tell me about yourself” best answers for new grads

Practice – Practice – Practice

Be ready for the MARCH campus recruitment!

Good luck!

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