Yes – recruitment time is NOW (March) for internships and graduate roles. Is your online presence up to scratch?

What would I see if I Googled you, Facebooked you, or looked you up on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter?

The truth is most employers will use social media to screen applicants, check their personality, look at how they communicate and find out what activities they are interested in. Sadly, if you don’t have some kind of an online presence, it’s almost as though you don’t exist! Employers will often prioritise applicants they have been able to find online because they will have been able to form a better picture of the person which goes beyond the cover letter and CV.

Before you start applying for jobs, check your online presence and ensure there is nothing there that would cause an employer to immediately put your application in the ‘no’ pile!

If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, then I suggest you start working on this straight away. LinkedIn is viewed as a ‘professional’ presence and done well, can only increase your chances of being interviewed. You can find some really good tips of what you should be posting on LinkedIn here: This site also includes some good information on how to use LinkedIn to connect with industry leaders and tips for personalising your message when connecting with people.

According to the 2014 USA Jobvite survey, around 94% of employers use LinkedIn and 79% of employers found staff through LinkedIn. conducted a survey of 2,303 hiring managers and human resource professions and found that 37% of employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates. Reasons for doing so include:
• to see if the applicant presents herself or himself professionally
• to see if the applicant is well-rounded
• to look for reasons not to hire the applicant

Whilst this is USA data, New Zealand boasts more than 1,100,000 LinkedIn members. How well will your LinkedIn profile stand out in the crowd?

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