In my last blog, I admitted that I didn’t appreciate my summer holiday jobs when I was an undergrad (To see or not to see). I suggested that there was more to my resort chef job than meets the eye and some of you asked, so here are some of those transferable skills from chef to TV studio production:

Moxie – of course.  It’s no small matter.
Multi-functioning – e.g. the ability to curse while you continue to perform.
Teamwork – handling pressure without burning yourself (or someone else) (yes, yes, in the TV studio, too).
Resilience – continuing to work after you’ve burned yourself (or someone else).
Focus –  the ability to work in tight places (aka. chaos) with everybody around you screaming blue murder while still functioning at a sub-conscious level.
Humour – being able to laugh at the dropped prime rib (chef) or the phonetic spelling of Fanny Chmelar’s name that got put to air (TV graphics).
Planning & time management – Knowing the escape routes and how long it will take you to get to them (in the event of the boss finding out you’d dropped her mother’s prime rib or seeing Fanny’s phonetic last name live to air).

Appreciate your experiences, even the little ones. Keep a lookout for transferable skills in everything you do.

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