Having a genuine interest in the sector you wish to work in is really important. This may sound obvious but the more I talk to students the more I realise they often do not consider this or they have few opinions about it. For marketing jobs I’d say this is critical. So, you are studying a Marketing major, you are enjoying it and start to think this is something you want to use in your career. Are you aware of what is happening around you in this industry? Are you actually looking around at billboards, tv ads, flyers put through your letter box, suggested posts on facebook; why different social media is being used in various contexts; brand disasters or successes? Do you have an opinion on what you see? Your courses and teaching may sometimes connect you in with examples from industry but how up to date are they and what do you think about what’s happening this week in the news. Look at everything from a marketing perspective. What is the brand value, who is being targeted, why is one media being used over another. In your cover letter and at interview your level of enthusiasm and interest in the relevant area of marketing will be checked. Make sure you don’t miss out by not being informed.

Look for opportunities to demonstrate your marketing skills in competitions, through your part time work or volunteer roles and become a student member (free of charge) of the Marketing Association where, once a member, you have access to great ‘how to guides’.

Whether you are interested in marketing, advertising or PR check out these two sources of information ProspectsUK  and CareersNZ . Good luck with your job hunting campaign!

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