yoda_failPerhaps the title of this blog is a bit confusing – after all, this is a ‘careers’ blog, right?

Well, the truth is this – you’re likely to fail to have a great career. You’re likely to fail because you’re likely to tell yourself that great careers are a matter of luck.

You’re also likely to think that great careers are for ‘special’ people, geniuses who pursue their passions because they are geniuses (think of Steve Jobs). And that you have to be totally, completely competent in order to have a great career.

Plus, if you want a great career you need to be obsessive, always on the verge of the fine line of madness and genius. And that’s not you. Besides, great careers require you to work really really really ….really hard. The cost is often great – you have to sacrifice human relationship in order to achieve a great career.