You’ve heard it before, and you will continue to hear it throughout life. Change is constant. University (hopefully!) equips you to prepare for and adapt to a world that’s constantly changing. Technological innovations are continuously reshaping how we work, how we interact with people globally and how we view our world. New job titles spring up every day.

A report produced by consultants PwC New Zealand, The future of work, a journey to 2022, explores the changing business landscape.

Whilst the report is written from a Human Resources perspective, it provides a valuable insight to the future of work and the people management strategies organisations will need to consider in order to attract, recruit and retain the best people. As a student or graduate, the more you understand how work opportunities are developing, what employers are looking for and how they plan to recruit, the better placed you are to find that ‘dream’ job. This knowledge will also give you the confidence to negotiate a work environment that fits in with your values and aspirations ensuring a successful and enjoyable career.

One of the key highlights of the report relates to the sort of organisation today’s workers want to be part of. These work scenarios are divided into three distinct worlds: Green, Blue and Orange.

Take this quick quiz to see which world of work you belong to!  Are you a green, blue or orange person?

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  1. I’m green 🙂


  2. Green x3! :mrgreen:



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