I really like this song “I got bills”. It’s upbeat but still hits a chord that we all have to hold down jobs to pay the bills and as students this is usually a part time or vacation job. There are many part-time jobs to choose from and while we prefer them to be study related, all jobs develop skills. One of my best student jobs was a strange summer job in a factory where they made doggy snacks and treats. Actually big business. It was quite an experience doing shift work and ensuring the right snack went into the right packaging (good job I was a language student and realised we had Spanish language packaging when it was an order for Germany! Saved that one!). The cleanliness of that manufacturing process was second to none and the team work was great. I wonder what interesting stories our students have to tell about their part-time jobs? Whatever it may be you will be building up so many skills. Hospitality builds excellent communication and team work alongside the ability to make a perfect flat white, shake a cocktail or clean tables. Call centre work improves your listening skills, clarity of explanation and patience. Nannying ensures you take responsibility, have good time management and a sense of humour. Labouring not only builds muscle but precision and the ability to take orders. Tutoring enhances critical thinking and the ability to give feedback. The list goes on. If you are looking for part time work right now check out Victoria CareerHub. There are roles such as being a practice patient, software developer and tutor positions on campus. Also think about approaching organisations directly with your CV and cover letter as well as a smile and a few words of enthusiasm.

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