2 June, 2015

Happy at Work

Can you really be happy at work? Ready to jump up on a Monday morning and look forward to your work day? Some people might say….yeah, right – only in my dreams! Yet, every day, there are people who really look forward to going to work. How did they manage this? How did they get so lucky?

If you really want to be happy at work you need to concentrate on your interests, not just your skills or qualifications. What gives you a buzz? What excites you? What makes you smile?

Work which best matches your interest areas and keeps you motivated will be the kind of work that keeps you happy. Reflect on the types of people that interest you the most, the sorts of things that you are curious about and the type of environment you’d find the most fun. Work is where you spend a huge chunk of your life – isn’t it worth spending some time thinking about how to best spend that big chunk of time?

Here is a quick quiz based on activities and subjects that most interest you. There are no right or wrong answers….have a go and see if it leads you on the path to your dream job.

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