Have you ever started a new job just to find yourself getting caught up in being the “perfect” employee? Has anxiety gotten a hold of you telling you you’re not performing well enough? Just remember – you’re not alone! Those unpleasant feelings of anxiety you get on your first day of a new job or when you’re trying to learn all the ins-and-outs of a new position, are completely normal – but can be difficult to cope with. I am currently three weeks in to my new position here at Victoria Careers and Employment and to help with my own anxious thoughts I have been using a few techniques, which I have shared below!

Be patient and kind to yourself: You are currently learning a lot of new information, and it’s okay if you don’t pick something up on your first go.

Ask questions: Don’t be hard on yourself for needing clarification around a task.

Set mini goals: Set ones that you can accomplish each day, so you can pace yourself. Learning all of the details of a new position – especially one that is well established – can become quite overwhelming if you’re setting yourself large goals in your first week!

To-do lists are your friends: Use them to write down even the simplest of tasks you’re assigned to – such as “reply to email from John” or “check mail at 4pm.” This is an easy way to prevent yourself from getting too stressed throughout your first few weeks. And soon you’ll notice that you have an established routine and will no longer need to write down the small day-to-day tasks!

Set aside some “you” time: During your first few weeks, it’s important that you have a relaxing break in between all of your training. Taking some time out of your lunch break to go for a walk, read, or even spend some time working on a personal project. Focusing on something other than work will help you break the pattern of anxiety, and give your brain a bit of a rest from all that learning!

So keep smiling and stay positive. I hope the above tips are useful, and help you on the grand journey that is starting a new job. And remember, these things take time, but soon it will feel like you’ve been there forever.

Do you have any techniques for coping with new job anxieties? Let us know in the comments below!