It’s exam time at Victoria University and that always leaves you a bit down in the dumps until you can recover and recuperate. Perhaps you are lacking energy for your career planning. You need some inspiration! I went to the first night of the Banff film festival tour last night in Wellington. If you get a chance do go as it is truly inspiring to see such beautiful places, great filming and extraordinary people. What ways are you getting your inspiration and how does it help with your career planning?

In the case of these adventure films it helps me think about what’s possible with effort, training or learning, working with others and patience – as well as possibly a good dose of suffering as things don’t always go our way with job hunting and sorting out our careers. I guess it pulls me out of my pretty insular world and gives me insight into the achievements of others. I also like learning about successful businesses whose product or service I value; artists who produce interesting and thought-provoking works and the stories of friends and family as they move forward in their career voyage. Become inspired so you can keep your mind positive and focused.

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