It’s National Volunteer Week (NVW) this week and it’s a fantastic chance to celebrate the invaluable knowledge, skill and time contributions given by Aotearoa’s past and present volunteers.

This year’s theme is “There is a place for you to volunteer” or “he wahi mohou hei tuao” which highlights the diversity of volunteer opportunities, volunteers themselves, and the impacts of volunteering.

Volunteer-involving organisations use NVW to thank their volunteers and encouraging people to join their volunteer communities.

Regardless of how much or how little skills, time and experience one has to offer, there will always be a place to volunteer.

Why should you volunteer?

When you choose to become a volunteer, you not only help your community but you help yourself in the process too. Volunteering helps you learn new skills, gain experience and exposes you to potential new careers. It’s a great way to test the water in your interest areas and get a feel for the type of people and working conditions in certain careers. You’ll learn something new about yourself, demonstrate your interests and desire to succeed and do good.

Where can you find volunteer roles?

Here’s a wide range of links to help get you started, everything from volunteer roles on our very own career planning and job search site – to volunteering opportunities with the United Nations, and a few in between!

spca-wellington nz-red-cross wellington-zoo
volunteer-wellington victoria-careerhub volunteernet
vsa seek-volunteer un-volunteers



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