We had our open day on Friday so were inundated with prospective students of all ages trying to decide if Victoria is the university for them. It’s a big decision and I think it was very sensible that these students took the time to come and chat to staff, attend information sessions and a ‘mock’ lecture and get a feel for the environment they could be in for the next few years.

I’ve been taught recently that in order to make a decision in life it helps if you explore what your options are and consider these alongside what you know about yourself. In other words, self-awareness and opportunity awareness will most certainly help you with decision making.

When I was deciding what to do after high school I didn’t bother exploring my options. My school did try to increase my opportunity awareness but I wasn’t concerned. I knew what my interests were and my local university offered this. I didn’t feel the need to investigate the course and find out what it involved to make sure it matched my interest and I certainly didn’t feel the need to look any further afield.

I was lucky that I enjoyed what I studied and because of that I don’t regret my decision but I do know others whose interest in something didn’t match the reality. I also know that had I explored my options I may have chosen a different path and I could have had several years’ experience in my chosen field under my belt by now, rather than having just started out last year.

Having an interest in something is vital, I firmly believe you do better in what you enjoy, but I’ve also realised that it’s just as important to check if your interest matches the reality and that you investigate the different places it can take you. Become informed and be curious, not only about yourself but about your choices. I’m not saying it will all be perfect when you do make the decision (life being what it is) but engaging in this process means you have given yourself the best chance to see if it’s right for you. That’s never a waste.

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