21 October, 2015

APEC Video Contest

There’s still time to get an entry into the APEC Video Contest and a chance to win a decent wad of cash!

APEC wants to know how technology and innovation impacted you and your community.

The 2015 APEC Video Contest welcomes stories of change and positive impact told through creative videos. Here, you’ll have the chance to apply your creative skills and tell the world your story!

For APEC, working toward inclusive growth means ensuring that the benefits of trade and economic prosperity are felt at every level of society, including small businesses, micro-enterprises and technology startups. Therefore, a central focus of APEC 2015 is to help create a favorable business environment, stimulate innovation, and enable SMEs to integrate in the global economy.

For more information, and to enter click here.

Winners Prizes

  • 1st prize: SGD3000, a trip to the APEC Leaders’ Week in Manila, The Philippines, and an opportunity to participate in the International Media Center activities
  • 2nd prize: SGD2000
  • 3rd prize: SGD1000 (roughly $1062 NZD)


26 October 2015!

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