How timely it is to have come across a good web resource for our creative students at Victoria and anyone else who loves ‘creating’ in two dimensions, three-dimensions or more. I am an admirer of New Zealand’s own fantastic resource for the creative community and recommend it frequently to students. However when I came across the following statement about a new offering in the UK, I had a look and was impressed:

“No matter what background you come from or whether you’re a film maker, photographer, games developer, an apprentice a school leaver, a graduate or a digital design veteran, Hiive has the right mix of tools and resources to help you start or further your career.”

So what is Hiive? It’s a brand new, government-agency sponsored resource for the UK creative industry for those studying and/or working within film, television, radio, fashion, animation, games, visual effects, textiles, publishing, advertising, marketing communications and performing arts.  It includes video resources, job vacancies, and “swarms” which are communities of interest. Plus, in the next few months it will also become a work experience portal to match students with employers in the creative sectors.

The UK Commission for Employment & Skills (UKCES) report, Sector Insights, Skills Challenges in the digital and creative sector predicts that ‘the digital and creative sector (in the UK) will need 1.2 million new workers by 2022; that is equivalent to half the current workforce’.

We are already seeing a similar upward trend in demand for those with digital media skills here in New Zealand. The report also states that ‘outside of IT and Tech, the creative digital sector is formed overwhelmingly of small businesses and has high levels of freelancers, characterised by informal recruitment and barriers to training’. Doesn’t this also sound familiar? It should because it also describes the sector here in New Zealand.

So make your way to Hiive and be current with study, jobs, events, and trends in your sector.




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