Want to know how to make hard choices?  E.g. Which career should I pursue? Should I live and work in the city or out in the country? What should I eat for breakfast? Ruth Chang, a philosopher, talks about how big decisions can be agonizingly difficult and says that it’s because we think about them the wrong way. She explains options in hard choices, looks at how to choose based on the values, merits etc. Which is better, worse or equal and how to face alternatives.

Ruth Chang’s personal experience with having to make a choice with her own career to pursue philosophy or law. Having completed a Harvard Law School and after working in the legal world, she regretted her decision and switched career paths to become a philosopher. Chang’s research focuses on decision-making and the human condition: How do we exercise our freedom through the choices we make? She studies the relationship between reason and value, and how we navigate the sea of pros and cons as we make decisions that shape our lives.