This is the time of year when you are finishing up the Trimester with internal assessments or exams. Even if you haven’t worked as hard as you could, you should – and in most cases will – finish. It’s a great accomplishment to see things through, stick with things until the end and show commitment and resilience. I just went to my daughter’s Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award celebration and was reminded by the Governor General about the value of perseverance and the qualities that actually seeing something through demonstrates both to yourself and others. Having a reputation which includes reliability and determination to complete something is an asset. I know this translates to many things in life and at University we are exposed to a number of opportunities which can help us demonstrate that commitment in addition to our studies. In my opinion the leadership programmes here at Victoria (VILP and Victoria Plus) are wonderful, providing a structure to encourage your involvement in what matters to you, to open up your mind to new learning and skills development and to introduce you to reflective writing, vital for critical analysis and self awareness. Being recognised by the University for meeting the requirements of these programme is an honour and you can be proud of that achievement. Over the last 8 years the programmes have seen some outstanding students achieve the Awards. Year on year more students register on the programmes and start attending events or contribute to volunteering or experiential activities. It’s good to do something but why not go the whole way and finish? Getting to the finish line correlates to the most sought after skill by employers (according to the Victoria Employability Skills survey), which is work ethic. Employers are looking for competencies relating to that because all too often graduates are not displaying it – you can change that by finishing things, and I especially encourage you to start and finish one or both of our leadership programmes.