18 November, 2015

Transitions: study to ?

Book done

Study done

Now what?

For two years I’ve been pursuing a post-grad diploma level course in Creative Writing at Whitireia.  Sunday was our final day.  We had an event, presented and shared some themed cupcakes (hence the cupcake picture).  It was a fantastic end to two years of study and, besides the diploma, which I didn’t need, I now have a novel, which I did need.

Now I’m done but not done. You know?

If you’ve just completed a degree, you’re in a similar state.  And that state often is similar to grief.  There’s a period of wanting the old, fearing the new. Staying in bed feels about right.

I’ve heard students here at Vic say they’re excited.  Some say they’re baffled.  Others scared.

What to do ?

Here’s what I’m going to do.

Have a cupcake.

Take a break.

Then meet the new challenge.

I like the concept of gaps.  Gap year sounds a bit long to me unless I’m doing something in that gap year besides pondering gaps.

For me, I’m taking a two and a bit week gap until I get my assessment results, then I’ve earmarked 6 months of polishing then publishing.

I realise it’s never that easy but I’m going to pretend like it is.

Good luck on your transition!



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