Every time you download a mobile app, you eliminate a task of someone’s job?  Technology is taking jobs away, as billions of apps are lots of jobs.  New sectors still require people to invent technology and people with skills to work in the industry, so education is the key to future jobs – says Thomas Frey, a futurist from DaVinci Institute in USA, who was in Wellington this month, meeting up with government agencies.

Some of Frey’s predictions for 2030, include more extensive use of drones – billions in the world with apps for various uses. From people to stand to fly in the air, to drones to put out forest fires.  Sensors, used everywhere, in agriculture  with atmospheric water-harvesters, in walls of buildings, in clothing and printed on our skins. e.g. clothing stores will use them to scan a shopper’s body and once they have picked a style, their outfit will be 3-D printed.  Future job titles may include – Drone designers, Data hostage specialist, Computer personality designer, Energy storage developers.  Read more at:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/73977051/by-2030-people-will-rely-on-billions-of-drones-and-sensors-to-live–futurist

Preparing for future jobs that don’t yet exist – http://www.futuristspeaker.com/2014/03/162-future-jobs-preparing-for-jobs-that-dont-yet-exist/

The reality of changes in the workforce and to respond to emerging industry trends, graduates need to be equipped with developing a broad range of employability skills for their future career.  i.e. prepared for an increasing focus of being flexible, proactive/entrepreneurial and resilient, and the ability to be critical thinkers.  Revisit a recent blog on the ‘Top ten skills employers look for’ –  https://viccareers.com/2015/10/30/top-ten-skills-employers-look-for/


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