Victoria University offers a service and leadership programme to all its students. Completion of Victoria Plus is formally acknowledged on the academic transcript and noting it on a CV helps a student stand out in competitive graduate job markets. So why should you get involved? Here are ten reasons from a few of our 2015 Award finishers:

1. New experiences “I have had so many new experiences and met so many new people who, like me, have a passion for maximising their university experience. I did not realise what I was capable of achieving and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting involved in this programme to do so.” Grace Nunn, BCom

2. Leadership “The huge advantage of this programme is that it has guided me to specific roles for service to the university and the wider community and has given me opportunities to enhance my leadership potential.” Katherine Richards, BA

3. Networking “Participating in Victoria Plus gave me the opportunity to expand my networks and listen and learn from many speakers, whose expertise and experience has enriched and enhanced my perspective.” Ani Eparaima, BA

4. Confidence “It has given me the confidence that I needed in order to accomplish my goals and has inspired me to strive to be the best in everything I do.” Miriam de Guzman, BSc

5. Variety “Doing the award alongside my academic studies gave me so many opportunities to make my time at university more interesting, and provide context for what I was learning in class.” Jordan Anderson, MA

6. Preparation “I am glad I was involved in the programme earlier rather than later as this has given me the opportunity to practise my skills and reflect on them before I have needed to demonstrate them to employers” Harriet Riley, BA/BCom

7. Friends “The new experiences I have gained through the Victoria Plus approved activities have earned me new friends and mentors.” Lisa Chong, BA/BCom

8. Skills “I have been able to able to develop skills useful in the workplace and life in general, and develop views on my aptitudes, preferences, and values in the context of careers and social responsibility.” Caleb Withers BCom

9. CV “I think it’s important that during your university years you find as many opportunities as you can that will contribute to your curriculum vitae and will help you be a stand-out candidate when applying for a job.” Lemaluotiafau Faiaoga LLB/BCom

10. Self-awareness “Writing my personal reflections in the ePortfolio helped me to gain a better understanding of the skills I have acquired from my experiences.” Malisha Frawley BA

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