News flash.

Would you like a job that feels like Christmas…all year round? Santa-Global, the well-established, well-loved and iconic company, familiar to hundreds of millions of this planet’s children, is looking for university graduates to begin a career at their Head Office at the North Pole.

The owners of Santa-Global, Santa and Jessica-Mary Claus have been promoting their humanitarian values and helping us celebrate the Christmas Season for over 450 years, and yes, it’s truly amazing, neither of them look a day over 50.

So, have you got what it takes to impress the busiest and arguably most successful couple on the planet and secure the opportunity of a lifetime? Their reputation for innovative thinking is well known and their new thinking is that they need new blood. They are looking for five exceptional University Graduate Trainees who are passionate about Christmas.

Please only apply if you:

Can commit to the company’s 6 core values:
• To provide love and hope for all children, young people and offspring
• To promote celebration, festivity and fun as often as possible but definitely at Christmas
• To spread the message of charity and good will to mankind and other species
• To work towards a future in which everyone has yummy food, and safe shelter where presents can be opened and enjoyed
• To keep tradition, family values, innovation and, sustaining the North Pole, at the heart of our work
• To sustain our planet so that we can look forward to another 450 years of Christmas

In addition you must:

Have effective writing skills to deal merrily and efficiently with applications from our planet’s youngest citizens for the ‘Nice or Naughty Annual Awards (NNAA)’ programme. Other writing tasks will include the preparation of ‘Santa’s Seasonal Newsletter’ and articles for the ‘SantaGlobal’ Blog.

Have an interest in environmental issues in order to assist Mrs. Claus. She has two new projects: a campaign to combat global warming and a research project into oxygen depletion risks of over-zealous Christmas tree-harvesting.

Have skiing, skating and sledging skills, or the desire to develop these, to take advantage of our Winter Wonderland experience and travel between our North Pole offices and factories. Must also have a high tolerance for travelling at speed and at high altitudes.

Display effective cross-cultural communication skills to build relationships with diverse species within the Santa-Global community of humans, other human species such as elves, talking reindeer, and indigenous species such as snowmen.

Have a massive appreciation for seasonal foods and beverages such as Christmas cake, mince pies, plum pudding, roast turkey, roasted chestnuts, lemon syllabub, mulled cider and eggnog.

Enjoy making and decorating objects or preparing part venues. An interest in tinsel, ornaments and basic hammer-hand skills would be advantageous as would a willingness to assist staff on a toy production line at busy times.

Enjoy singing preferably in-tune and be willing to contribute at musical events. Ability with instruments such as panpipes, flute or bells an advantage.

Enjoy wearing a uniform. A new uniform has been custom-designed for Santa-Global Graduate Trainees by Mr. and Mrs. Claus and hand-sewn by their personal tailors. The exclusive design features their signature colours, Claus-red, Pole-white, Conifer-green and Antler-brown, design detailing such as solid silver buttons, and their signature accessories, pom-poms, bells and flashing lights.

Be prepared to live 9 months a year at the North Pole. All meals, accommodation and life insurance are provided free. Partners and children are welcome.

If you believe that you could contribute to our hardworking and happy community, please email your CV with a cover letter addressed ‘for the attention of Kris Kringle’ to santaglobal@christmas.npl. Applications close 29 Jan 2016.

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