Dreaming about owning your ideal car, whether a cute mini, an off road Ute or a Ferrari, is something most of us ponder. Imagine if it became a reality. Would you then not care for it? Unlikely! You would ensure it was serviced and maintained especially since a service history usually adds to the resale value of a vehicle.

As a student investing in your degree you want to add to your value. In order to be racing in top gear when entering the graduate job market you need to ensure you service and maintain yourself throughout your studies. This means not only looking after your wellbeing but also your career development.

A record for the most expensive car ever sold is about to be broken when a 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti, raced to victory by legendary British driver Stirling Moss, is auctioned in early February 2016 (the car bears an estimated sale price of NZ$ $53.5m).

You may never earn or be worth that much but the analogy of servicing a car is good and so let’s see what you can tick off to pass while you study at Victoria University.

  • Oil – don’t seize up – how well do you know yourself? Strengths and weaknesses; values and interests. Can you organise some experiences this year that will help you practice or improve employability skills? Think about joining the service and leadership award, Victoria Plus, registering for the Alumni as Mentors programme or taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to check out how your personality type likes to work.
  • Fanbelt – make sure this isn’t slipping – keep on top of planning for your future by attending careers workshops to help with looking for work, applications, CV writing and networking skills. Don’t let it slip until your final trimester.
  • Battery – you don’t want this to go flat – are you making the most out of summer work or part-time jobs. All work and volunteer experience is valuable but are you reflecting on what you have learnt and how you could articulate that in a job interview? Why not attend an ePortfolio workshop to learn about self-reflection.
  • Brakes – check to see you can stop – sometimes we need to stop, take stock and do an audit. Use the resources, such as Career View publications and the Graduate destination survey your Careers Service provides to see what you can do with your degree and what kinds of jobs you can do with that qualification.
  • Steering – this can be dangerous if wobbling – have you given some time to look at where you are heading with your education? Whether you have ideas or if you haven’t got a clue, open up the conversation by booking a Career Consultant appointment on CareerHub or ring 04 463 5393.
  • Tyres – Tyres are the only point of contact between a car and the road, and yet their importance to a car’s safety and fuel economy is easily overlooked – this is the same with your contact with employers. Don’t overlook the value of attending Careers Expos and Careers in Focus events where you will meet recruiters and Victoria alumni. Best to hear it from them and make that point of contact between Uni and employment.

You can find more information or book events and appointments by using victoria.ac.nz/careers and victora.ac.nz/careerhub.

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