Are you aiming to achieve career success and excel in the workforce?

Support networks like Victoria Careers and Employment are key to this success and help you to improve, grow and fine tune your employability skills. Every career success stems from initial and ongoing support so don’t shy away from it – make the most of it.

Have you ever had a time where by a matter of principle you were reluctant to reach out for support because you had a point to prove or you didn’t want to look incapable of succeeding on your own?

I know I certainly have!

Like most of us I hate the idea of failing even in the smallest of ways and upon that failure it is easy to enter that determined but stubborn mind set of wanting to rectify the failure and build it back up by MYSELF.

This reluctance to let others help us reach our goals made me question in what way the media shapes our views on reaching out for support.

Every day, every hour we are immersed by various media forms displaying people who appear to have achieved success on their own and with no support along the way. Without even realising it we are in some ways being conditioned to think that support is a weakness. It is this absence of ‘behind the scenes’ support shown in the media that leads us to think it is not the norm and to seek support is a failure within itself.

Images of models who are flawless, tennis players who can serve an ace without blinking an eye, politicians who can make important world bearing decisions in a split second are engrained into our subconscious.

The media displays…

Individual Achievement.

Individual Success.

Individual Accomplishment.

It shows us the FINAL PRODUCT.

We rarely see the behind the scenes, the makeup artists who spend hours working with the model to help them achieve the right look for the photoshoot, the tennis coach who trains and fine tunes the athlete to perform at their best, the team of advisors who are constantly recommending, advising and providing guidance to Ministers to say the right words in public. Behind every individual success there is a network of people who support during times of rejection, defeat and failure and equally support during times of achievement, success and accomplishment.

What appears to be individual achievement on the screen is a façade masking a larger reality. A web of smaller successes intertwine to form the support network needed to achieve the larger success.

It is NOT A WEAKNESS to seek support. It is an opportunity to learn and improve as an individual no matter what stage of life you are at.

Through being an Intern at Victoria Careers and Employment over the summer and having completed my second year at University, I have gained a greater appreciation of how important the support and services provided by Careers departments are to helping students, like myself, achieve career success and develop as individuals.

Utilise these free resources and your future career success is sure to be bigger and brighter than ever!!!

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