4 February, 2016

What we deserve

I was pondering my second blog of the year and came across a Michael Sandel TED on democratic debate.

This sent a neuro transmitter from the serendipitous side of my brain – which I had given free time to explore my blog notes – to the (somewhat) logical, smaller, portion of that same organ; this transmission caused me to think of the Iowa caucus that was then still in progress and what those corn pones (blame the logical side of the brain for that terminology) will predict for the coming US elections.  I don’t know about you, but I’m nervous.

Why Iowa?

Now, I’m from North Dakota, so I can call an Iowan a corn pone (it takes one to know one) and should North Dakotans set the tone for the nomination process, the Iowans would (and should) form a similar look on their faces (I’m thinking horror).

Why do the Iowa caucuses matter?, I wondered earlier today, as I saw John Campbell’s reporter standing on a barren stretch of highway somewhere in said state (although I swore it couldn’t be Iowa because the road went over a hill).

So I asked Google.  As you do.  I’ve picked a few for you to view:

  1. AlJazeera  Why do the Iowa caucuses matter?
  2. NYTimes (This one gave me a moment of faith. Then wiped it across the monitor like a skid mark). (Listen closely, someone actually says kaput).
  3. Vox.com “…because everyone thinks they do.”
  4. And the pick of the litter:

Spot the link:  democratic debate  →  Iowa  →  caucus   nerves.

Why does the US matter?

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