23 February, 2016

Best jobs for 2016

When I graduated in the late ’80s it was all about big hair – now one of the top trends is ‘big data’. According to the survey gurus at Glassdoor, the number one job which is most likely to offer the best earning potential, career opportunities and number of openings for 2016 is Data Scientist.

Data Scientist tops the list of the 25 Best Jobs in America followed by Tax Manager, Solutions Architect, Engagement Manager and Mobile Developer. Unsurprisingly many of the jobs are in the growth area of technology, but health care, finance, business, marketing and construction also feature. Even though these jobs are not necessarily at new graduate level, it’s worth keeping an eye on emerging jobs and where your skills set can take you.

If, like me, you were left scratching your head about what some these jobs actually entail, here are some great explanations:

What is a Data Scientist and how do I become one? (Guardian UK)

What the heck does a Solution Architect do anyway? (Equinox IT NZ)

Responsibilities of an Engagement Manager (Chron.com)

What the #$%@ is UX Design?  (YouTube)


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