I was half listening to the radio whilst doing other things when an interview with a bibliotherapist caught my attention. A bibliotherapist? Now that’s a new one I thought to myself. What in heaven’s name is a bibliotherapist? Turns out that bibliotherapy involves the reading of specific books with the purpose of healing. Based on your relationship with books and your current concerns, dreams or challenges, a bibliotherapist will ‘prescribe’ a tailor-made reading list for you that has the power to enchant, enrich and inspire.

colourful-booksWhat a cool job I thought to myself.  Helping people by recommending books which will motivate, influence and improve their wellbeing. This got me thinking about how so many new jobs seem to pop up with increasing regularity. Jobs are ever more fragmented, freelance, entrepreneurial and digitally focused. In many cases, roles are changing faster than job titles can even reflect. Time to have a good look at what some of these jobs might be…..

Social Media Marketer/ Buzz Builder/ Social Media Evangelist/ Online Brand Ambassador – most organisations have a specific person dedicated to creating content online. They manage the company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. by creating content, running marketing campaigns and keeping abreast of emerging trends in social media.

Community Manager/Online Community Strategist – similar to a social media person but focuses on creating and growing online communities and getting people involved with the company’s brand or cause.

User Experience (UX) Professional/UX Designer/ Information Architect/ User Researcher/Interaction Designer – mentioned by my colleague Heather in a recent blog as one of the best jobs in 2016, a UX Professional creates the ‘experience’ for the customer, ensuring that a product or service is easy to use and interact with, behaves intuitively, flows well and has the right look and feel.

Data Analytics Professional/Web Analystics/Data Mining Analyst/Data Guru – another of the top 2016 jobs, data analytics professionals gather up all the company’s data, analyse it and turn it into useful metrics and reports that will help the company make decisions.

Scrum Master – a scrum doesn’t only happen on the rugby field! One of the most popular new development methodologies is “Scrum.” A Scrum Master is exactly what it sounds like: someone who manages and facilitates Scrum within a development group, keeping the team on track and working within the Scrum framework.

Crayon Evangelist – overseas the company’s graphic design needs.

Master of Disaster – helps government access the information they need to recover quickly from disasters.

Director, Ethical Hacking – helps financial institutions identify the vulnerabilities of their web applications and networks.

Katalyst – nurtures and cares for the company’s inner spirit, provokes new ways of thinking and motivates and inspires the whole organisation.

Other interesting titles include:

  • Corporate Storyteller
  • Chief Brand Listener
  • Wizard of Lightbulb Moments
  • Technology Evangelist
  • Innovation Sherpa
  • Brand Warrior
  • Thought Leader
  • Word Wizard
  • E-commerce Wingwoman
  • Dream Alchemist

Inspired? Here are some links bound to entertain you whilst exploring future work possibilities!

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