In the first two blog posts from this series, I encouraged you to do reverse reference checking and get mentoring. Now is the time to put it up a notch, and …


In a recent employability skills  survey we ran with over 340 employers, many mentioned the importance of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, and informal communities as an element that they would like to see on the candidate’s resume.

Why you may ask? Well, it shows them you’re not just a study machine.

That you actually are a WELL-ROUNDED PERSON (no, it’s not in reference to your body shape).

What does it mean to be a WELL-ROUNDED PERSON then?

Imagine that your experiences are like a lunchbox (sorry, it’s lunchtime when I’m writing this). And because humans are habitual creatures, you’re likely to stick to what you like again and again – a bagel with ham, for example.


There will be gazillions of people who just eat same old ham bagel each day.  Resisting the change (try some cheese with that perhaps?), missing out on opportunities (new flavour that you will love), and struggling to adapt when things go wrong (starve in times of bagel crisis).

But what happens if you start adding to your lunchbox?

Most likely, you’ll be faced with the UNKNOWN. Will it taste okay?

Perhaps you’ll need to MANAGE the new combination of flavours, work out when and what you add for the right mix.

You’ll likely be faced with the imminent – MAKING CHOICES – just because you can’t possibly squeeze 12 different ingredients into one small bagel.

Or…you might even have to TAKE RISKS – taking the first bite of something you have never tasted before (and others say it’s really spicy!)

BUT chances are, you’ll end up with a funky lunchbox, just like the one below.


And if you’re not sure you got the idea based on this bagel example, have a look at some of the tips on how you can become a well-rounded person:

An illustrated guide to being well-rounded by WikiHow

…and a great place to explore new flavours!

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