Lately after facilitating workshops in using the ePortfolio for reflection, I wonder if those who’ve attended really understand the magic of reflection.

I see lots of reflections because part of my job is to read many ePortfolios during the year.  They fascinate me; it’s amazing what the writers of these reflections have done in various volunteer roles they’ve done, and what they’ve been exposed to during workshops in topics that fit under the categories of Leadership, Social responsibility, and Skills or Careers development.  Having this privileged role has convinced me how important reflective practice is for personal and professional growth and self-awareness.

Reflective practice is the magic part of using the ePortfolio.  It can help you to be your own feedback.  I’d like to share some of the resources I’ve found that helps to understand what it is.

There’s this one from the University of Hull that gives a simple description of reflective practice.  Look out for the ‘Experience as a wet cloth’:

And here’s a slightly more conceptual view – the 3 minute Kolb, Kolb being an educational theorist whose reflective cycle is presented here:

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