I’m cheating a bit with my blog this month. I have two topics that I wanted to write about but we already have a few blogs on them so…I’m going to do some re-blogging.

Firstly, career exploration. Most of us don’t or didn’t know what we want to do after University. This is a universal issue so please don’t feel you are alone if you feel that way. To discover what you might like to do does take some time and some research. I know this sounds like hard work but this is YOU we’re talking about. YOUR life! We already invest time AND money in making sure our cars work, our washing gets done, our body is fit and healthy….why shouldn’t we invest time in figuring out what we want to do with our career direction? I think people often see it as ‘too hard’ and I get that, I really do. But by re-blogging the below posts (mostly mine, I admit) I’m hoping they will motivate you into getting into explorer mode:

Get a head start on making career decision and preparing for a job

How to build a career worth having

Start your career discussions early rather than later

Do you want a job that interests you?

Once you’ve started you career exploration you may need to talk to someone about what you’re reading and thinking so please come and talk to us at Careers and Employment

Second, cover letters! I have read a great number of these in the last couple of months and the number 1 thing people forget is WHY you are applying for the job! WHAT appeals to you about the tasks and duties you will doing, HOW do you feel about the organisation, WHERE does your interest in this work or organisation or industry come from.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to express your personal interest. It shows personality and it shows you are trying to connect with the employer. This does mean changing your letter for every job you apply for which, again, takes time. But it’s time well spent if you’re looking for a job. Here are a couple of re-blogs on cover letters:

Cover letters – getting it right

Why should we employ you? In your cover letter and interview, sell yourself well and you are on your way to an employment offer!

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